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Board Skills and Experience

Description of Skill or Experience Ashe Avedon Battle Bender Dillard Hance Leibman O'Shaughnessy Sachleben Winston
Executive Leadership:
Experience as a public company CEO or other executive officer, either current or past; or as a senior executive, division president, or functional leader within a complex organization
Corporate Governance:
Current or previous service on a public company board of directors; or understanding of public company operating responsibilities and with issues commonly faced by public companies
Strategic Growth and Development:
Knowledge of strategic planning and mergers and acquisitions in large organizations operating in multiple geographies
Experience in the oversight of large scale operations, including manufacturing in industries similar to the ones in which the Company operates
Finance, Accounting, and Capital Markets:
Knowledge of finance or financial reporting; experience with debt/capital market transactions; or experience as a principal financial officer, principal accounting officer, controller, public accountant, or auditor
Human Capital and Talent Management:
Experience in attracting, developing, and retaining talent and building strong cultures
Enterprise Risk Management/Sustainability:
Experience in oversight of enterprise wide risk management, including cybersecurity; or experience in creating long-term value by embracing opportunities and managing risks deriving from ESG developments
Engineering, Technology, and Innovation:
Experience in leading edge engineering and technology innovation; experience in digital transformation of a business